Barnard Anine

Anine Barnard was born in the Free State, South Africa. She obtained her professional training at the University of the Free State where she completed her Fine Art Degree, specializing in Graphic Art.
She has already participated in various South African, as well as international exhibitions. These include exhibitions in Belgium, the USA and Canada. A variety of works have also been sold to clients in Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland and England.
Specializing in Portrait and Figure studies, she had been practicing art form her studio at home for approximately fourteen years. Working in mixed media, pastels and etchings, she portrays her immediate surroundings and situations from everyday life.
Her themes are mostly women in everyday experiences combined with animals, depicting her love of mature and simplicity. Minute detail is a characteristic of her etchings. Her vibrant use of colour in her pastels is very unique to Anine’s style.
Anine currently lives in Cape Town with her husband and two children. She is a devoted artist and plans to participate in various exhibitions throughout the year.
Anine believes that Art is about expressing ones feelings and thoughts.
The source of her inspiration is the known and familiar world around her. Her work has a dreamlike, naive quality, evoking feelings of reminiscence or promise.

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