Maddock Anny

Annemarie, as she was christened, was born in June 1954 and started drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil – according to puzzled parents she would fill pages with drawings of people.She studied art throughout her school career in Stellenbosch and then did a 3 year Fine Art course followed by fashion and then textile design. Her enquiring mind and gypsy spirit led her to many different careers and it was only when she was forty that a life change brought her back to her art.
She chose to leave her busy life in Hermanus and relocated to the little mountain village of Lady Grey. Here she started teaching privately, did commissioned work, gave workshops and once a year exhibited at the Grahamstown Arts Festival under the banner of the Eastern Cape Art and Culture Department.
It was only in 2002 when she returned to Cape Town and took a few paintings to a prestigious city gallery, that the wider public and art world had an opportunity to discover her quietly kept talent. Within months the work of this almost unknown artist was being sought after by galleries and private buyers all over the country, and today she can hardly meet the demand.
Her absolute commitment to quality and the integrity of each work is a slow process and clients sometimes have to wait months to acquire one of her works. Connoisseurs appreciate her formidable technical ability while everyone can be touched by the poetry and sensuousness of her immaculately executed work. An art critic commented that Anny Maddock is an artist who speaks with her own voice, and despite initial pressure from dealers, she has not been seduced by oils or acrylics, nor would she change her subject matter to reach a wider market.
Her figurative, sensitive portrayal of women is a metaphorical biography of her own, and many other women’s spiritual development and introspection, whilst flowing fabrics and textured stone walls places the figures firmly on the ground. Her detailed, multilayered pastel technique gives her the opportunity to practice her drawing whilst incorporating subtle earthy colours. She is one of very few artists who specialize in pastels and she uses a very limited palette to create the atmosphere so inherent in her work.
Anny’s need for peaceful surroundings and passionate love of nature has kept her in the country. After a few years in the Overberg, she now lives in a hundred year old farmhouse on the outskirts of Calitzdorp in the Klein Karoo.

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