Makiwa Mutomba was born in 1976 in Zimbabwe. He attended various urban schools around the country until University level. However, in 1999 when he had successfully completed 3 years of University studies in Electronic Engineering, Makiwa abandoned studies to follow his dream of becoming an artist. Now based in South Africa, he has exhibited at numerous art galleries in South Africa, Germany, London and France. In 2009, Woolworths South Africa chose one of his colourful beach scenes for their carrier bags, which were distributed across the country. Also in the same year Makiwa won an award for painting at the SNBA (Societie Internationale Des Beaux Arts) , a prestigious annual exhibition held at the Couresell De Louvre, in Paris, France.
Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts- International Juried Exhibition.
In December 2009, Makiwa Mutomba was given an award for his painting called “The Musicians” at the SNBA in Paris, France. The SNBA dates back to 1862, and was co-founded by the Artist Auguste Rodin. It is now held at the Carrousel du Louvre, in the Louvre Museum.
Woolworths South Africa -The Perfect Canvas Competition
In 2009, Makiwa was a winner of “The Perfect Canvas” competition held by Woolworths South Africa. His painting “Fun at the Beach” was printed on their carrier-bags which were distributed countrywide

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