Niemann Hennie jr

Hennie Niemann was born in 1972 to Magriet and Hennie Niemann. In 1980 they moved to Vermont where Hennie Jr. was introduced to art at a very early age. He began sketching under the guiding eye of his father, also fulltime artists, Hennie Niemann Sr. and Gregoire Boonzaier.
After completing school and finishing his military service Hennie embarked on an artistic career working mainly in bistre (type of ink sketches) and oil.
His first solo-exhibition in 1993 was a sell-out and a year later Hennie set up a permanent studio in Vermont with artist Angela Key.
In 2002 Hennie traveled to Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia to collect reference material for paintings. Hennie was invited to show at the ‘Exhibition of Contemporary South African Art’ in Chelsea, London where his paintings sold out.
Hennie Niemann has become a well known name amongst art collectors with his art setting record prices at auctions.

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