Van der Merwe Eben

Eben was born in Bloemfontein in 1932. He is self taught and studied as a typographer and designer.
He was one of the foundation members of the Bloemfontein group and worked as a commercial artist in 1958. Eben gradually moved toward abstraction, and this was his passion for many years.
One of Eben’s greatest influences in his art is the work of Paul Cezanne.
In 1966 Eben was commissioned to design a stained glass façade for the then OFS Provincial Administration Buildings. After completion of this building in 1969 Eben returned to Johannesburg with a different approach to his art, being now more free shapes and hard edge color.
Some of Eben’s artworks can also be seen in the following collections:
Hester Rupert Art Museum, Graaff Reinet; National Museum Bloemfontein; Pretoria Art Museum; SA National Gallery, Cape Town; University of the Orange Free State; University of Stellenbosch; War Museum of the Boer Republics, Bloemfontein; William Humpreys Art Gallery, Kimberley.

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