Van Rensburg Derric

I always was aware of my artistic tendency but unfortunately it was not a subject my parents knew much about except the old rumours of starving Artists etc. Ultimately I gave up efforts of being in the “real world” and entered the “mysterious world” of the visual arts in 1986. I had no assurance that what I was about to do would be sufficient to support a family but I was that desperate to find out, so I put to rest all the prejudices I had grown up with about the artistic life and starving artists and went for it.
In 1970 I studied Graphic Art in CapeTown and worked closely with the commercial side of the arts but lacked the conviction to this particular form of art and decided to just paint. My early work sold quite easily as I worked mainly in watercolour. I should add that I also taught art during this time and that is how I earned a living.
In 1990 I moved to a small town called Greyton in the Overberg and it was during the following six and a half years that everything changed for me. I changed the medium I painted in from watercolour to acrylic and started painting local landscapes of wheat fields and vineyards and it was this change that opened the market to a much larger audience. My style is impressionism and the influence of the Overberg and its patchwork of colours inspired me then, as it still does now. my brand of impressionism is influenced by the graphic art training I received and so I am more interested in shape and colour than any specific subject matter. The brand as I call it turned out to be easily noticed by an even greater audience than I had ever imagined.

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